Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

A couple, Two Movies, Personalities :)

tears-flood-animal-movie - besides lassie, and free willy. :'(

I've just finished Marley and Me, tears flood :(( and sadly whining to my boyfie, by texting him, while he.. was watching Ninja Assassin.
Very different movie genre. But we didn't bother share the story to each other.
Then the funny conversation happen.
Me : "aaagh sedih banget Marley and Me :( mo nangis"
Him: "koq nangis yang, sini *peluk* ujan gede ni" (yeaa i know he's not interested in melancholy, but yet funny, i kept bother him :P)
Me : "anjingnya matiiiiii.. banjir deh ToT"
Him: "koq mati?"
Me: "y udah tua.. sedih bangetttt ToT"

..15 minutes and no text message was coming.
..tears are dropping.
..curious at the end and came back texting him.

Me : "ih kamu cuekin lagiiii"
Him: "iya sayang, kan anjingny uda tua, gpp lah, uda takdir"

i suddenly laugh.
it's the most kindly weirdness comment i've ever heard from my boyfriend.
Some of my ex-es, was don't care. Am sure he also was. But the way he trying to understand and on the contrary being real-as a gentle man- was tickling me. :))

Then he send another text message.
Him: "Filmny seru ne yang, tapi gambarny jelek".
Me : "yoda g usa nntn lah, jelek gtu aq g suka."
Him: "Bobo yok yang, uda malem"

Me was.. "LOH?"

he was annoyingly-innocently sweet :-*

Rabu, 17 Februari 2010


the medals, read 'till the end to know what it is :P

Aloha bloogle :)
It's been a while.
I was on trip surrounding Singapore, and visiting my married friend there. Enjoying some other atmosphere, not bad for forget some deadlines and pile of work :D.
Not a very real vacation, felt just like a 'drop by'.
But the most memorable memory was i learn kind of lot things there.
Eating something new there.

sushi for $SGD 0.99 /plate!

(I eat a very affordable delicious sushi promo for $SG 0.99 cents!) my picture above is the evidence! :P
Meeting new friends, and it was fun!
Haha. My fun holiday could be only that simple :)

Last Sunday,
I had a called from my friend asking me to come on Kick Of Meeting on Monday Morning.
Yes it is the most laziest day on weekdays.
Yes i just got back Indonesia after kilos walking and need a "feet-rest".
I refused to come but she was insisted.

With a super laziness and reckless in clothing.
(Well, the dress code was jeans, but since i still have to go to work, i wore a cotton work trousers).
I misunderstood my friend direction and I registered into the wrong desk.
I registered my name in attendance list, but it turns out that I should registered on awardee desk.

Yes, I am an awardee :D

And my friend was an awardee too.
We sat on the same desk, written w/ our name on paper, glued in the seat handle.

the awardee seats

There's 15 Awardees with different award.
Me was Best Performance in 2009 (my office's fiscal year of 2009 ends on this February).
Given in recognition of service excellency.
I were happy. And can't keep thinking who chose me to be sat there.
Whoever did it, thank you so much :)

Me was surprise, weird, but.. i love the Medals above:)

Here it is.
Hopefully it can boost my carrier on future.
Not a bad surprise for someone whom back from her holiday hehe.
Wish me best luck :)



Jumat, 08 Januari 2010


I don't quite capable to distinguish between Resolution and Obsession.

Both seems to be a goal for me to achieve.
Maybe obsession is kind of goal which less of reality check.
Sometimes I Obsessed becoming Carrie Bradshaw (?)
Which is tend to.....: impossibility.
A Resolution, maybe like, "i wanna be a writer and say meaningful things just like Carrie Bradshaw".
Well, I better not mentioned Carrie Bradshaw again. It's not an even comparable.

My last resolution in 2009 was 5 out of 10 accomplished. Not bad.
After I reviewed, Most of them seems vaingloriously declared.
Most of those resolution only affected me. I will be more focus, concise, and bigger changes effect perpective.

1. I want to be more active in social foundation, not only volunteer, participant, but also prior executor to bring changes to society, especially focused on education & poverty.
2. Life healthier. As i a bit lazy to exercise, i will be focused on swimming, and holistic treatment :D
3. I want to be more care to my friends, and paying attention to them precisely one by one.
4. I wish to be a better daughter & human being for my family & God, more care, more diligent, and more religious.
5. Since i love Wordplay, and Quote soo much, i need to take extra language course to improve my skill, yet perfecting my English and start writing after a year pending! XD
6. Me want to learn more about Cooking, taking course if possible, make it as hobby and also starting business.
7. Expand my network, doubling friends, by joining organizations/courses.
8. Promise not taking more than 2 course this year.
9. I want to take care of my body more intense, and change my look more mature. From head to toe.

Only 9. I leave one for my Obsession. As I wrote before, Obsession (my version) is kind of goal which less of reality check.
Well am hoping miracles happen, and we are all ready so we, boyfriend and me, could make this dream comes true.

10. Make our relationship tightened and up to next level.
Amin 10x, for my 9 Resolution and 1 Obsession.

Good luck for myself, and wish me luck.
Happy belated new year!

Cheers :D

Senin, 21 Desember 2009


"Vindicating something, is harder than obtaining."

I finally open my laptop after a week of absence, since I’m doing SAP workflow training.
No plan, nonetheless I browse all pictures seen on fb home page.

I saw pictures of a friend of mine’s birthday.
Then I hover my mouse cursor in the people tagged, then I saw few names I’ve not ever been contacted, a while..

I saw my friend’s status, and do not realize how she changes her life into more “valuable” now.
I also read another friend’s and knowing how happy she was while I’m gone,
But I also read some of them bugged about something I haven’t been told :(.

I saw some picture of places people visited, and I haven’t.

I also saw my friend’s wedding picture minus me because I couldn’t come :(

Me (with no intention) click on a couple-pict, which the boy was actually mine (crap, don’t believe it), I mean was actually supposed to be mine, I called it my first love :D. My heart was still beating. Not love beat, but memory beat (?). Like, someone has amnesia and suddenly reminiscing something, got it? Weellll this was actually no connectivity with the thing I'm talking about. Just forget it, I don’t know why I wrote it. So stupid. xD

I saw pictures of people surrounding me as team, also my sweet rivals :D.
Few of them has married, few of them disappeared, few of them, I haven’t call or sms his/her back 'till now.

I saw a picture of people near me, but then I found out they’re too busy, especially on weekend &@%!.

Last, I clicked on my cousin’s album, realized how far she is from here. Miss the sharing one roof time :(

Then I realize how many things I have lost.
Maybe if it is related to money, I am bankrupt now.
Just like my blog post title, I am in trouble of vindicating something.
But I’m not saying it like I’ll start retrieving one; I don’t know where to start still.

Friends are cat and birds sometimes..
some of them going far away but still returns,
some other are around, but they won't coming back.

When we were teens, we play with everyone who gave us plenty of pleasure time.
But when we grow old, we only hang out with someone who gave us only their couple of spare time.

Ps. I don’t wanna grow old :(

Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Jangan Menyerah (my version)

syukuri apa yang ada
hidup adalah anugerah
tetap jalani hidup ini
melakukan yang terbaik

Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan
kebesaran dan kuasanya
bagi hambanya yang sabar
dan tak kenal putus asa

"jangan menyerah.. jangan menyerah.. jangan menyeraaaaaaaaaaaaaa..aaah.."

Am not a fans of d'masive.
The only personnel i know is Ryan, which claims, looks like my friend's ex :P
But if i should give this band an award, it would be: TERngiang-ngiang.
Because the idea behind this song, the lyrics, and how they bring those in melody.
First i read this song review in one of the teen magazine (well my sister is still in high school)
This band was inspired by children who severe cancer and tumor in Dharmais, Jakarta.
Then in only 3 hours, the song was born.
It bounds in my memory, since i have friend who hv similar sickness.
From that day on, I really can't forget the song, especially the quotes i typed above.

Moreover, as a ordinary human who lives in capital city, of course clash with problems.
and the word long last : "jangan menyerah".
Amazing isn't it?
This song could absorb any kind of matters.
Me, myself, have intentionally connected the song to whatever problems in me.

The moment i remember my friends (i mentioned before).
The moment i was tired with routinity.
The moment i want to achieve higher but impaired by morality.
The moment i insist to have something but God thinks otherwise.
The moment i was physically sick.
The moment i was sad, broken, tortured, crestfallen..
(..still a lot more)
Until the moment I am angry with lack of humanity, poverty, governmental failures, global warming.
The song still catch along..


That's why i put this song to my ipod: Top Rated list.
And when i bumped into trouble, i play it.

keep on fighting!

cheers :D

Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009

Be Left :(

On my daily activities, specifically when am work..
I work together with my seniors in the same field
only me, the junior.
and they really comfortable to talk &work with
I ask everything and consult everything :(
It's like..
Sam the Bro, and Mr.Pendi the (2nd) Dad :p
Those two guys easing me every time i face the critical situations, which needs 1 minute of magical touch so the program will be run as expected..

Yesterday morning, Sam got the phone call, which ends up with roll him off to T*T*L project.
He said only a month, but I'm not sure AT ALL.
It is SHOCKING because i really hate the "allocation curse"..
The program(S) he previously created and changing every month, during Month End Closing.
Really sidestep it cause it holds me in office until 12 AM xD
Yesterday evening, the gmail notification shout me an email with subject: "Release from M***M*S project"
i thought its my release :p
but it is nooooooooooooottt.. (hukk)
but Mr.Pendi is.
He explained his release to me in "informational way" but i read it as "adios" xD
then he mentioned at a glance what should i do then after his leave.

am not afraid, actually.
but nothing frighten me than make me feel "alone" :(
well i hv one member of team remaining, it is Teguh.
He is also like Bro.
But he's like an older bro, and does not like russel in ways me and Sam did :p
..and many topics we can share together..

Today, was a hand over session w/ Mr.Pendi, and Sam will be on Monday.
Which, i hate it..
Its a session, which sentence like: "If am not here" mentioned repeatedly.
And off course i hate it because, i can't work with him anymore :(
I listen to him and Thank God I understand.
It's not the 1st time he leaving me.
But the feelings always like the first.

I left my thumb drive in his Thinkpad.
He copied me ALLL the material he's been taken care of in the project.
All of them.
We had a different place to lunch.
And when i got back,
I only found my thumb drive in my own laptop.
And he's gone :(

why can't i be cool with project roll off xD
miss you both already :(

Minggu, 27 September 2009

a wish (not) comes true (yet)

I have a secret, wish supposed to be not xD
It upsets me when you tell people and they do not believe if u really like what you are doing..
well, i think, the appeareance appeals which i gives to people was: a flashy fingernails shimmy" lipgloss barbie off the dirt?
thanks! but you know what?
I loooOOOOve (trying to make the long 'O' google effect) cooking.. so much!
even now i think am addicted to it.

well am still a beginner but i love to to cook anything.
especially when i did lucky to cook with simple ingredients and turn it "magically" into unusual food which my grandmother and my dad would say: "this is delicious!"
:D happy..

my latest brew was a marlin 'special" teriyaki which i made my only use: 2 marlin fillets, bombay onions, blackpepper, soya sauce, and a tip tea spoon of chinese five seasons (:p cook cheat) - cinnamons, star anise, cloves, fennel, and pepper)
it is very quick and easy to make and my grandma and my dad look satisfied =p yayyy

the stupidest part is...i forgot to take the picture xD

my head always juggling onions, mushroom, pasta, wheat flour, eggs, pepper, chili, and so on, and what i can do to them. And my mother is getting her new headache watching me cooking, and stay long.. slowly but surely, 'equipped' the kitchen :p.

i dont know why, and where i got this new habit.
as long as i know my favorite show now are: rachel ray (the cooking part), ala chef, and discovery travel and living.
is it an aging syndrome O.O? oh no..

Lately i thronged my brain with books of fancy breakfast recipe.
and then i found a beautiful picture of typical bread shape.
it's a waffle!
i totally fall in love with the shape..


and also the waffle toaster~! :D
i've visited an e-store, and it costs IDR 200,000.
not really expensive i think, but, i'm still thinking about it.

well, actually i can't stop thinking about it xD

am enjoying my hands smells like pepper, onions, paprica, etc and am still learning a lot :D

and am still finding people willing to be "guinea pigs" to taste my "brews" *hahaa*
happy cooking! :D




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